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Espadrile de escalada La Sportiva Gripit kids

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Preț cu TVA: 284 198.80 RON
Economisiți : 85.20 RON
Cod produs: 15R600702, 34 blue/sulphur

Greutate: 0.2 kg
Producător: La Sportiva


Espadrile de escalada La Sportiva Gripit kids

Gripit is the Kid’s climbing shoe with No-Edge Technology, belonging to LaspoKid line with solutions that encourage freedom of movement and proprioception allowing the child to "feel the rock" and develop their motor skills. The Zero-Press ™ Construction last has been specially designed to eliminate pressure points in the growth plate areas of the foot, avoiding pressure on the metatarsal, crucial in the child during the development stages. The No-edge technology that consists in the absence of sharp edges in the sole, and a greater sensitivity on support points, applied to a child’s shoe promotes sensory development and proprioceptive. The lacing system is both a technical and a design element: the Fast Lacing System allows the customization of the fit by focusing hugging the heel while the Velcro strap is customizable with two pre-shaped variants provided in the package. Aesthetic and technical elements focus on child development and a child’s interaction with the mountains: the essence of LaspoKid line.

+ The Zero-Press ™ Construction last is designed to eliminate pressure points in the growth plate area of the foot: avoiding pressure on the metatarsal, essential for growth
+ Applied to a kid’s shoe the No-Edge Technology promotes sensory development and proprioceptive thanks to the sensitivity on the support points
+ The Fast Lacing System allows for customization of the fit: by acting on the closure, the heel narrows or widens depending on the need
+ Eco leather uppers made produced with metal-free tanning methods

Suede Leather Perwanger Eco with metal-free eco-tanning
Fast Lacing System™
FriXion high abrasion resistant
25/26 – 27/28 – 29/30 – 31/32 – 33/34 - 35/36
200 gr per pair

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