SLOW DOWN set includes KUPILKA 21 cup with small spoon and KUPILKA 14 small plate for two. Relax and treat yourself to a slice of cake or a nice piece of bread.



The new era of outdoor dining started from this very cup. Already in the old times the shape of KUPILKA 21 was used due to its practicality. We fine-tuned the cup to perfection for you. This cup keeps your hot drink hot without burning your fingers.

  • Volume 2, 1 dl / 7.10 fl oz
  • Weight 83 g / 2.93 ounces
  • Height 60 mm x width 93 mm x length 165 mm

KUPILKA 14 is an extremely light plate designed for those who count the grams.

  • Volume 1, 4 dl / 4.73 fl oz
  • Weight 86 g / 3.03 ounces
  • Height 15 mm x width 129 mm x length 193 mm