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Transport gratuit, în România, pentru comenzi peste 300 lei
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Topor Adler Rheinland 600 g

Preț cu TVA: 345 RON
Greutate: 0.75 kg

Cod produs: 201.0H060A012 green/black
Producător: Adler

Topor Adler Rheinland  600 g

Produs in Germania

Spontaneous camp fire or relaxing in front of your fireplace at home? The Rheinland Hatchet helps you cut kindling and is your faithful assistant for all tasks in nature.

Length of handle: 360 mm
Weight of tool head: 600 g
Total weight: ca. 750 g
Tool head material: C60 steel

- Tool head wedging: Double security wedging with wooden wedge and steel ring wedge
- Handle made from original US-sourced hickory
- Made in Germany
- Forged tool head
- Lifelong guarantee on metal parts
- Includes heavy-duty leather sheath and lanyard made in EU and vegetable tanned
- Handle with anti-slip paint and choice of three colors (red, green, brown)
- All paints are water-based
- Secure delivery in stable, high-quality and sustainably produced cardboard box
- We use wood chips as filling material. The chips are a by-product of our handle production and can be re-used in noumerous way (e.g. as decoration, pillow filling, animal bedding, in the garden and more)
- ADLER Tools is a family company founded in 1919 and has been producing professional tools for four generations.


Enjoy your time in nature! Our axes & hatchets are designed for maximum functionality and ergonomic handling, so you do not have to worry about the right tool. The tool heads are forged exclusively from tested carbon steels (C60 or C45), extra sharp and coated with rust protection. We manufacture our tool handles from original US Hickory or European Ash. Both types of wood are explicitly required for forestry tools by the German Institute for Standardization. The handle of all axes & hatchets is coated with a special anti-slip lacquer. This ensures that your tool always lies securely in your hand, whether you are wearing gloves or not.

SINCE 1919

We love nature and we love working outside in the fresh air. With our tools we want to help you to discover your love of nature. Since the year 1919, we have been manufacturing highest quality tools in the city of Waghäusel, Germany. As one of the last tool manufacturers in Europe, we combine wood processing and forging under one roof. In doing so, we highly value sustainability: We exclusively use FSC-certified European ash wood or original US hickory and water-based paints. Our entire company is heated by wood chips that are a by-product of our own production.

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