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Transport gratuit, în România, pentru comenzi peste 300 lei
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Tacam Sea To Summit Frontier ultralight Long Handled Spork

Preț cu TVA: 69 RON
Greutate: 0.011 kg

Cod produs: ACK034011-601702
Producător: Sea to Summit


The Long Spork is our perennial best selling utensil. It has a handle with a unique profile for strength that permits individual utensils to stack together. Food contact surfaces have a semi-polished finish for more enjoyable dining. Made of hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminium, the Long Spork is built to go the distance - and an included carabiner makes sure it won't wander off on your journey.

  • Light-but-strong long-handled spork made of hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Handle has a unique profile that adds strength and allows the utensils to stack
  • Semi-polished food-contact surface for more enjoyable dining
  • Stackable with other Frontier Cutlery pieces for space-saving storage
  • Includes mini carabiner to keep utensils together
  • Durable and easy-to-clean (anodized items should not be washed in a dishwasher)
  • COMES WITH: Mini Carabiner

    WEIGHT: 0.4 oz | 11g

    MATERIAL: 100% Aluminium

  • LENGTH 3.9 cm
    WEIGHT 11 g
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