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Transport gratuit, în România, pentru comenzi peste 300 lei
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Chingi pentru Hamac Rockland Smart Straps

Preț cu TVA: 100 RON
Greutate: 0.33 kg
Stoc epuizat
Cod produs: 195 Smart Straps
Producător: Rockland


Rockland Smart Straps are tapes with a sufficiently large width, thanks to which we can hang the hammock without leaving traces on the tree and without damaging the bark. The set consists of a tape and a rope. By tying a knot on the rope, we can precisely hang the hammock so that its curvature is perfect. The straps and the rope are strong and made of high-quality materials - the maximum load capacity is 181 kilograms. Everything is housed in a comfortable cover.

Product features

  • They help you to hang your hammock quickly and effortlessly.
  • The width and softness of the tapes prevent tree bark damage.
  • High durability and strength - load capacity 181 kg.
  • Possibility of individual determination of the place of attachment of the carabiner.
  • Everything is packed in a handy cover.


  • material: polyester
  • dimensions: 2 x 120 + 170 cm
  • weight: 330 g

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