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Transport gratuit, în România, pentru comenzi peste 200 lei
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Saltea gonflabila Yate Scout
Preț cu TVA: 255 RON
Cod produs: SC00236 Turcoaz

Greutate: 0.4 kg
Producător: Yate
Caracteristici produs
Culori: Turcoaz

Saltea gonflabila Yate Scout

   New model of air mattress with separate chambers for better comfort and insulation. Thanks to its construction, the mattress is comfortable and adapts well to the shape of the body. Separate chambers prevent air movement and thus improve the insulation properties. The unique valve helps to inflate and deflate faster. The product includes a package and a repair kit.


Type: inflatable
Material: nylon 20D
Color: kerosene
Thermal resistance: 1.2
Dimension: 185 x 55 x 5.5 cm
Size after packing:    10 x 23 cm
Translating to 1/2: Yes
Mass: 400 g (may vary ± 10%)
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