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Piton pentru gheata Singing Rock QuickSpin L12 ,L17,L22

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Preț cu TVA: 239 RON
Cod produs: RK303SX012

Greutate: 0.2 kg
Producător: Singing Rock

Piton pentru gheata Singing Rock QuickSpin L12

Hardened steel ice screw with a light alloy hanger and a folding crank intended for ice climbing.

  • integrated folding crank makes it easier and faster to screw in during more advanced climbing
  • crank is equipped with a fluted handle for a more secure grip with gloves on
  • shaft is made of hardened CrMo steel for higher strength and durability
  • anti-corrosion coating of the shaft ensures high resistance against rust
  • four high-quality sharp teeth make gear placement easier
  • thin profile of the shaft allows easy screwing even in overfrozen ice (below -10°C)
  • light alloy hanger is designed to provide good ergonomy while screwing, to ensure easy stacking on a holder and to allow clipping of two carabiners
  • screw is available in three different lengths (variants are color-coded - blue, yellow, grey)


code / variant length weight certification
RK303SX012 / L12 120 mm 100 g
RK303SX017 / L17 170 mm 125 g CE 1019, EN 568
RK303SX022 / L22 220 mm 150 g CE 1019, EN 568


115, 135, 160 g
CrMo steel with anti-corrosion coating, light alloy, polyamid
120, 170, 220 mm
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