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Lonja Lanyard Lara 60, 80, 120 cm Singing Rock

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Preț cu TVA: 58 RON
Cod produs: W2100X060

Greutate: 0.14 kg
Producător: Singing Rock

Lonja Lanyard Lara 60, 80, 120 cm Singing Rock

  • tested pursuant the EN 354 standard for lanyards and
    pursuant the EN 795B standard for anchor devices
  • both ends of the rope are terminated with stitched eyes for placing carabiner
  • strength seam is protected with plastic cover
  • SINGING ROCK recommends using carabiners with sling/rope fixation, which do not scroll in the loop and are all the time ready for use
  • LARA forms part of a fall arrest system and shall be used appropriately


WARNING! LARA lanyard can not be used as a fall absorber!


  • the comparsion chart of impact force at dynamic testing of LARA and standard LANYARD "I" accesible here


Code length length


60 cm 24 in


80 cm 32 in


120 cm 47 in
W2100X150 150 cm 60 in

Color: red/wellow
Strength: 22 kN
Length: 60, 80, 120, 150 cm • 24, 32, 47, 60 in

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